Healthier, Happier meals with fuel and time savings in rural Zambia

Aims to distribute 500,000 Improved Cook Stoves in Zambia, reducing firewood consumption, greenhouse gas emissions, and health risks while promoting sustainable cooking practices for 2 million individuals.


Clean Cooking Initiative for a Greener Zambia

  • Promotion of Clean Cooking

    Distribute 500,000 efficient, low-emission cooking stoves to benefit 2 million Zambians, reducing firewood consumption and emissions.

  • Promotion of Clean Cooking

    In a country where 95% of the rural and 60% of the urban population rely on wood-fuel, this project will improve indoor air quality, ease the cooking burden, especially for women, and promote a greener environment.

Impacts and benefits

The implementation of the Improved Cook Stoves (ICS) project in Zambia is expected to have significant positive impacts and benefits.


SDG 3 (Good Health & well-being)

Reduction in indoor air pollution in rural households.


SDG 5 (Gender Equality)

Reduction in time for unpaid domestic work for women.


SDG 7 (Affordable & Clean Energy)

Distributing 500,000 Improved Cookstove to benefit over 2 million individuals.


SDG 13 (Climate Action)

Reducing 21,261,630 tonnes of CO2 by disseminating Improved cookstoves.


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